Smart Notebook Lesson Plan Design
If you build it the right way they will learn!
  • Background on each page, appropriate font
    • Set up your background first then clone all of your pages. If you want to use a picture as a background for your first page you will need to use high quality photos from a good digital camera or high resolution photos from the web. A good place to get high resolution photos would be other photo websites Cool Photos
    • Canva
    • To set up your background you will need to go to the top of your SMART board page and click format, then page, then background fill. You can then choose any of the following options. backgrounds.png
    • If you are looking for more bling for your pages you can always get custom logos and fonts at
  • Five E's: Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, Evaluate
  • Title Page with Name of Lesson and Author's Name
  • Page with Standards and Objects
  • Engage: Intro Activity (the hook)
    • When using video always download it first if possible, if not you can use a hyperlink.
    • To hyperlink, add an object or some text to a page, click the object or text then click the dropdown arrow.arrow 3.png Then click link, paste your link in the empty box then click insert link.
    • Some great places to get video clips would be one of my favorite video sites Elizabeth's Favorite Video Sites
  • Explore and Explain: does not always take place at the SMART board but it can. Your explore and explain could be some sort of STEM activity or reading and comparing two reading selections. Your SMART board is a great way to scaffold activities before exploration or group activities.
    • Videos, Hyperlinks and Sounds Oh My!
    • Sounds-Record or use a pre-made sound
    • Free MP3 Files
    • Videos: either hyperlink to the video or download it and put it into your attachments tab
    • Using the Attachments Tab: This is where you keep all things external to your SMART Notebook file that go with your lesson. You can store handouts, videos, PPT's, pictures, hyperlinks and more. You will first need to place a copy of your files in your Attachments Tab. You can then place an object or text on the Notebook page and hyperlink it to something in your Attachments Tab.